Our story began in 2015 when our Founder, CEO and Product Designer Wided Allagui, fell in love with  organic and natural ingredients. She manifested  interest in organic oils and butters during her pregnancy while she was looking for natural and clean products alternatives, this led her to formulate skin care products in her own kitchen, creating moisturizers for her pregnant belly and then for her newborn baby. Her products were also shared between family and friends. After many positive results and feedbacks, she started formulating her own face products to improve and treat her skin condition.


I was battling hormonal acne and tried many brands but nothing worked for me. I wanted to avoid harsh chemical ingredients and I was very conscious  with what I was putting on my face. So I started making my own skin care products and week after week the results were amazing, I saw a huge improvement." said Wided.


Wided created L'Aurès in 2017, a high-end natural organic skincare brand. Our products are formulated with love and premium ingredients, packaged in a prestigious and eco friendly way. they are developed to target your skin concerns in an effective and efficient course of action.


Wided is a certified formulator in organic and natural skin care products.Before deciding to create my business, I was doing a lot of research on natural ingredients, I was studying and educating myself, experimenting and learning, never the less, I wanted to be certified and have a professional and recognized training and diploma , this is why I enrolled in the best online educational institution for organic and natural skin care formulation based in the UK and I graduated with excellency." said Wided.